Upcoming projects

Seegers | 6pm, Friday, April 21, 2017 | Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz

High art, low art, folk music, children’s music, political music: Pete Seeger had no use for the labels and categories into which his work was sometimes forced. A longtime resident of Beacon, NY, he saw music as a means of celebration and communication, a tool in the fight for social and environmental justice, and a way of connecting with people at every walk of life. His stepmother, Ruth Crawford, was even more diverse in her interests:  noted early in her career for her powerful modernist classical compositions, she also worked extensively to collect and anthologize American folksongs.

Seegers, a multimedia project produced by One Quiet Plunge, will juxtapose these different streams in the Seegers’ work, combining live music performance with video projection, poetry, and electronic sound.  New works by Hudson Valley composers Gabriel Lubell, Nathan Hall, and Bob Lukomski will respond to the Seegers’ own music; newly created video projects by Gabriel Chalfin-Piney, Annelli Goeller, and John Owens and excerpts from Joseph Bertolozzi’s Bridge Music (created using the sounds of the Mid-Hudson Bridge) recreate the Hudson Valley milieu which inspired and influenced the Seegers’ work throughout their lives. Tickets are available at the door for a suggested donation of $10.